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The Chrisman Academic Booster Club’s mission is to promote and enhance academic excellence and scholastic achievement for all students in the Chrisman School District .  We support the school and teachers in providing enrichment opportunities for each and every student.  Our focus is to foster learning experiences through sponsoring exciting, Hands-on activities, field trips, and innovative educational projects.

Joining the Chrisman Academic Booster Club:

The club invites you to join us at anytime.  We meet monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm in the Junior High Cafeteria or Multipurpose Room.  Our meetings are generally brief, usually 30-40 minutes in length. There are occasions that we do not meet, such as lack of new or old business.  You can contact any member to clarify meeting information.


President/Treasurer: Derrick Lorenzen

Secretary: Megan Young – (217) 264-1158

Susan Wyatt

Holly Chaney

Rewarding and Celebrating Academic Achievement: 

The Academic Booster Club is an organization that believes in rewarding and celebrating academic achievement.  One way we celebrate academic success is by sponsoring the annual Academic Banquet which recognizes students who have attained honors during the school year.

Activities Sponsored:  

*Shakespeare Theatre at Navy Pier (Junior Class)

*Theatre Fest Program at UofI (High School)

*Trip to Danville Symphony (4-5th Grade)

*Enchanted Learning Subscription (Elementary)

*Trip to Chicago Art Institute (High School Art Students)

*Trip to Virginia Theatre (2nd Grade)

*Mathletes/Parkland College Math Competition

*Leadership Convention to SIU (High School Students)

*Children’s Museum in Indianapolis (1st Grade)

*And Much, Much More*

Submit requests to Derrick Lorenzen by using the button below. You may also contact any members.

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