High School Faculty

Superintendent - Mr. Norman Tracy tracyn@chrisman.k12.il.us
Principal - Mr. Terry Furnish

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Nancy Dalenberg



High School Secretary - Mrs. Chris McDaniels
High School Athletic Director- Ms. Kelly Hilligoss
Mathematics - Mr. David Zoerb & Mr. Shannon Price  
Physical Sciences - Mr. George Atkinson  
Biological Sciences - Ms. Connie Waggaman  
Physical Education - Mr. Chester Reeder
Physical Education - Mrs. Lisa Grad  
Health/Drivers Ed/Physical Education- Mr. Shawn Nugent  NugentS@chrisman.k12.il.us
Agriculture - Mr. Eric Dixon  
Business Ed. - Mrs. Kathy Dixon kdixon@chrisman.k12.il.us
Tech. Coordinator - Mr. Terry Sullivan  
Learning Disabilities - Mrs. Nancy Morris
Freshman English - Ms. Kelly Hilligoss
Social Studies - Mrs. Marsha Franklin  
Art - Mrs. Erin Henderson
Co-op - Mrs. Linda Longfellow  
Guidance - Mrs. Beverly Parrish  
Home Economics - Mrs. Mary Phipps mphipps@chrisman.k12.il.us 
English - Ms. Jennifer Lyne
Unit Librarian - Mrs. Jeannie Glasgow & Mrs. Jody Kirby eglasgow@chrisman.k12.il.us
Spanish - Mrs. Jeannie Glasgow eglasgow@chrisman.k12.il.us 
Unit Nurse - Mrs. Trisha Brinkley  
High School Custodian - Mrs. Wilma Woodyard, Mr. Tom Woodyard, Mr. Jim Woodyard

Previous faculty who would like to hear from former students and colleagues:

Mr. Don Anglen anglen6@yahoo.com